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Fronius, a prominent global technology enterprise, specialises in pioneering energy sector solutions. Founded in Austria in 1945 by Gunter Fronius, the company has emerged as a key player in the renewable energy industry.

Originally established as a modest welding business, Fronius swiftly diversified its product lineup to encompass battery chargers, welding transformers, and other industrial electronic devices. In the 1990s, the company transitioned its focus toward renewable energy technologies and introduced its inaugural grid-connected inverter for photovoltaic systems in 1995.

Since then, Fronius has remained committed to continuous innovation and product expansion, solidifying its status as a premier provider of solar inverters, battery storage systems, and monitoring solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. The company places a strong emphasis on sustainability, earning recognition for its endeavours to diminish its environmental footprint and advocate for renewable energy.

Presently, Fronius boasts a global presence, with subsidiaries and sales partnerships spanning across more than 60 countries worldwide. Employing a workforce of over 5,000 individuals, the company maintains a robust commitment to research and development, reflected in its portfolio of over 1,000 patents and patent applications.

Notably, Fronius inverters were instrumental in the 2018 implementation of the Tokmak solar farm in Ukraine, a remarkable 51.9MW installation featuring 65 Fronius Eco 27.03-s inverters. Covering an expansive area equivalent to 130 football fields, this solar farm effectively delivers clean and sustainable energy to 80,000 people.

(Source: Fronius)

Production Facilities in Sattledt, Austria, and Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

In 2022, despite facing challenges such as unstable supply chains, component shortages, and staffing issues, these manufacturing sites successfully achieved a monthly production output of 32,000 inverters. By the end of 2023, they are poised to increase their manufacturing capacity to 52,000 inverters per month, translating to an impressive annual production of 624,000 inverters.

Awards and Recognitions

Over the years, the company has received several prestigious awards, including:

  • 2007: Austrian National Environmental and Energy Technology Award
  • 2007: Austrian Climate Protection Award (In the “Ideas and Innovation” category)
  • 2008: Energy Globe Austria (Recognised for Hydrogen-Powered Logistic Systems)
  • 2008: World Energy Globe Award (Global Recognition for Hydrogen-Powered Logistic Systems)
  • 2013: Plus X Award (Galvo & Symo – Named “Product of the Year”)
  • 2014: Smart Grid Pioneer Award (For their significant contribution to the morePV2grid project)
  • 2015: Plus X Award (Symo Hybrid – Honored as “Product of the Year”)
  • 2016: MTB Gold Medal Award (Distinguished with the Energy Package)
  • 2020: Intersolar Award (Acknowledged for Symo GEN24 Plus)
  • 2022: Intersolar Award (Recognised for their innovation with Wattpilot)

These achievements underscore the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the energy technology sector.

Fronius Australia Pty Ltd.

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Tel : +61 (0)3 8340 2900

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Primo GEN24 Plus (single phase – hybrid)

Symo GEN24 Plus (three phase – hybrid)


Tauro Eco

Primo GEN 24





PRO – European Manufacturer

PRO -Australian Office

PRO – The cooling mechanism means it produces more power, has a longer life span, and stays cooler.

PRO – Well designed unit allowing for a neat and tidy installation.


CON – More expensive than others in the marketplace.

CON – The fan does make some noise, so this needs to be considered when planning inverter location on your property.

Our Thoughts

A quality European manufactured product, with a strong and long trading history.

The Australian office allows for warranty issues to be catered for, even if your installation company disappears.

They will be a good choice by anyone wanting a quality and premium inverter, that will last the test of time and produce power for years to come.

We would put them on our own house or business, although making sure the noise doesn’t impact our everyday living by placing the inverter well out the way. 

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