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Renewables4U is comprised of a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about advancing the renewable energy revolution. With over two decades of combined experience in the solar industry, our team is committed to quality, integrity, and empowerment in the pursuit of sustainable energy solutions.

Meet the faces behind the company that is propelling Australia towards a more sustainable future.

Tom Ransome

Tom Ransome

Tom Ransome, Co-Founder of Renewables4U, is an experienced renewable energy advocate with extensive knowledge in the field, marked by a pioneering academic thesis on the subject. Since 2016, he has had an active role in Australia’s solar industry, applying his expertise to sustainable energy solutions.

With a BA in Business Studies, majoring in finance and management, Tom combines business savvy with technical know-how, ensuring projects are both economically and environmentally sound. As an entrepreneur, he has steered multiple businesses, gaining valuable insights into the renewable sector’s dynamics.

Tom’s vision has been instrumental in shaping the strategic direction of Renewables4U. His leadership has been pivotal in forging strong partnerships and driving innovation within the company.

Tom is dedicated to continuous learning, regularly engaging with the latest industry developments through fairs and conferences. His deep knowledge and innovative approach make him a vanguard in renewable energy, committed to educating and inspiring sustainable practices.

Beyond his professional life, Tom is a fervent environmentalist, enjoying nature through various outdoor pursuits alongside his dog, which reinforces his drive for a sustainable future.

Neville Simmons

Neville Simmons

Neville Simmons, Co-Founder of Renewables4U, is a respected solar energy specialist with a decade of experience across various renewable projects. His expertise spans from residential to commercial and off-grid systems, highlighted by a notable stint as General Manager at a leading solar firm in Western Australia.

An entrepreneur at heart, Neville’s ventures have enriched him with a keen understanding of business operations and finance, enhancing his holistic approach to renewable energy projects. His leadership is driven by a commitment to make sustainable energy universally accessible and reliable.

From a qualified horticulturist to strategic business management, his diverse professional journey showcases a consistent focus on client needs.

Neville champions a customer-first philosophy and is an advocate for quality service within the renewable sector. He views challenges as catalysts for innovation and has a zero-tolerance policy for complacency.

Outside his professional life, Neville enjoys golf for its serenity and practices karate, embracing its discipline. He’s also a skilled public speaker and a passionate DIY enthusiast, always ready for a new project.

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