What makes an ‘ENDORSED’ Supplier

Renewables4U understands that the renewable energy industry can be confusing and complicated. That’s why our sole mission, is to make things simple and uncomplicated, to remove the jargon, break down the confusion, help you see through the spin and aid you to make well informed decisions.

As soon as you mention or search for any renewable energy option online or chatting with friends, suddenly everyone and their dog is an ‘expert’. “Get these panels and that inverter ”, when 99% of the time, they have just been ‘sold’ by another solar salesman that they’re the best products, when really, they could have been the panels that were on special from the wholesaler that month and are now no longer in production. Or as soon as you clicked on a link on one of the social media networks, you’re been bombarded with every solar business under the sun (excuse the pun) being thrown in your face. Sometimes its extremely hard to decipher the good from the bad, and a lot of people just leave it there as they don’t know where to turn.

This is why Renewables4U was born, to create a platform with honest, trustworthy and unbiased advice. Always ready to offer our clients help and guidance along the bumpy road, that is often termed, ‘the solar coaster’.

So Renewables4U have done the hard work for you, we have analysed your local area, evaluated the suppliers and found the best 3 for you. These businesses are not any old business that is prepared to do your job as quickly and cheap as possible. These are companies that Renewables4U have known for a LONG time. (check out, why to avoid the ‘cheapest’ quote

In order for a renewable energy supplier to meet our installation standards, they must meet the following conditions.

  • To have been in business for over 5 years.Ideally longer, but we do know and deal with a couple of OUTSTANDING companies that are only 5 years old, which is why we made it 5 years and longer, these businesses were set up by installers of previous companies that have gone on their own, so have ALOT of experience.
  • To have a ‘workmanship’ warranty of greater than 10 years.Again, we like longer guarantees, we we also believe that 10 years is a fair amount of time to be responsible for everything to do with their install.
  • To always use qualified CEC electricians for the installation and be on-site for the entirety of the process.This does sound silly, as you need to be CEC approved to install solar, but you wouldn’t believe what we have witnessed, some companies operate on sending trade assistants to carry out the installations, and then a ‘qualified’ electrician turns up at the end of the installation to sign off on the job, this is not good enough, as after-all we are dealing with electrical items that if installed poorly, can be a fire risk, so NO cutting corners.
  • To have their own ‘in-house’ service team, where they are capable of dealing with any issues within 7 working days.We also believe they should have issues dealt with quicker than this, but we are also mindful that if you have an issue in the middle of December, the teams will be absolutely flat out, as that is the peak month, and dropping everything and dealing with a little issue within 24 hours may be too much to ask, unless it’s an emergency.
  • To deal with all manufacture warranty claims on behalf of the client, in a timely fashion.Obviously we hate the idea of any products having an issue, but we must also be ‘real’ and understand that these are electrical items, and at no fault of the supplier, some electrical items come with or develop issues, it can not be avoided 100%, all electrical items have a ‘failure’ rate, but what we want is a company that deals with these issues themselves, and swiftly.
  • To have more than 10 staff.If it’s a one-man band, although their workmanship might be spot on, it’s too easy for them to pack up shop or retire, leaving our clients high and dry, without a company backing the workmanship, or if needed for a manufacturer warranty claim, the more staff the merrier.
  • To have a stable and secure financial position.As we said, we’ve done our home-work!
  • To be honest and trustworthy with everything they do.If something ever smells fishy, they’re off the endorsed list.

Every supplier we use has to sign this agreement to trade in this manner.

Then we give the supplier this.

So when you click on ‘OUR’ link, you can be assured that we have done our homework, and you will be looked after by the BEST in your local area.

It is TOTALLY up to you, you can choose 1, 2 or 3 local suppliers to contact you, and what you then do with that information is totally up to you, you do NOT have to commit to any of them, we just want you to ‘look’ into a renewable energy for you, and see how it can help you.

(obviously we will think you’re mad if you don’t go ahead with one of them! EVERYONE who lives in Australia should have some form of renewable energy for their property, with energy prices on the rise, government incentives decreasing each year, there really is NO better time, than right now) 

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