The Push for ‘NET ZERO’

Renewables4U think we all agree, that the manner in which we currently live our lives globally is not sustainable for the health and welfare of our planet. We consume fossil fuels with total disregard for our planet and the generations that follow us. The amount of greenhouse gases that are emitted on a daily basis is scary and quite frankly unacceptable.

NET ZERO is a target of completely negating the amount of greenhouse gases produced by human activity, to be achieved by reducing emissions and implementing methods of absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. “global net emissions of carbon dioxide will need to fall to net zero by 2050”

The big push for NET ZERO by 2050 is to try and preserve a liveable planet, we need to ensure we keep global temperatures to 1.5 C above pre-industrial levels. The problem is, the Earth is already 1.1 C warmer than the late 1800s and what’s worst, emissions continue to rise. As per the Paris Agreement, emissions need to be reduced by 45% by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050.

20 countries account for 75% of global greenhouse emissions and they would be, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom, The United States, and the European Union.  (Source – UNEP Emissions Gap Report 2022)

The energy sector is accountable for around 75% of global emissions and here lies the key to averting the worst effects of climate change. We need to stop with the hideously polluting coal, gas and oil-fired power stations, and replace them with the clean and green renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar & hydro. this would help to drastically reduce carbon emissions.

There seems to be a global effort to achieve this, more than 70 countries, 3000+ businesses and financial institutions and 100+ cities have joined the race to ZERO NET emissions, agreeing to take immediate and rigorous actions to halve global emissions by 2030.

We no longer need to think that this is someone else’s problem, and understand that it’s IN OUR HANDS to do something now.

ALL businesses are going to be forced to go ‘NET ZERO’ by 2050, so yes you can wait and delay the inevitable, or you can get ahead of your competition and makes some changes now.

The general trend of the population is that we all need to be more environmentally conscious, and make the correct decisions to protect our environment. There are demonstrations all across the globe, and the next generation really holds this to heart.

Talking with the general public, they all want to support businesses that are ‘doing their bit’, and would choose to do business with a company that behaves in a ‘Green’ manner over one that doesn’t.

So in order for you to stay ahead of the competition, you need to act now

What can be some benefits for your business by GOING GREEN sooner rather than later.

  • Reduced overheads as renewable energy is cheaper than grid supplied energy.
  • Increase customer base, as more customers are seeking greener companies to purchase from.
  • Better staff retention, as employees like to feel they too are working for a business that is looking after the environment too.
  • There are only another few years where Government incentives are still available to you to help cover some of the cost.

Has the LIGHT turned on for you yet?

What Renewables4U can assist you with.

  • Finding locally endorsed quality suppliers
  • Providing a complete energy consumption analysis / energy audit(charges will apply for large consumers for this process)
  • Assisting you to reach Net Zero
  • Carbon off-setting
  • EV Chargers installation
  • Energy stability and reliability
  • Grid independence and solar smoothing
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