How Many Solar Companies Have Closed Down?

how many solar companies have closed down

When investing in a renewable energy system for your property, a wave of concerns and questions naturally flood your mind. Can you trust the company you’re dealing with?

Will they deliver what they promise? And will they stand the test of time?

Navigating these uncertainties can be challenging, but through diligent research, you can make an informed decision. In the solar industry, there’s a prevalent issue known as ‘phoenix-ing.’

This dubious practice involves companies starting up, and selling seemingly affordable systems (sometimes under $4,000 for a 6.6 kW installation), often utilising subpar components.

However, when customers begin to report issues or claim manufacturer warranties, these companies often disappear overnight, leaving clients in the lurch, only to resurface under a new name.

Regrettably, there’s a substantial number of solar companies that have gone into liquidation or wound up operations.

According to a report by ABC News, nearly 700 solar companies have closed down since 2011, leaving approximately 650,000 Australians without recourse in case their systems encounter issues.

It becomes even more intriguing when you realise how some companies have resorted to adding an extra word or letter to their name to evade accountability.

It’s disheartening that such practices still exist in today’s world. One can’t help but wonder how these company directors sleep at night, knowing they’re not doing the right thing.

What Happens if Your Solar Company Goes Out of Business?

In the unfortunate event that your solar provider goes out of business, it might seem like you’re left without support, particularly if you’re facing issues or have warranty claims pending.

However, it’s crucial to remember that the warranties for solar panels, inverters, and batteries are typically issued by their manufacturers, not the retailers. This means these warranties remain in effect and can be a lifeline.

So manufacturing defects or performance issues can be addressed directly by the manufacturers. It’s advisable to have all your purchase documentation and warranty information at hand.

Should you need maintenance or encounter service issues, reaching out to other reputable solar service providers is a practical step. Many are willing to assist with systems they didn’t initially install, albeit likely at a cost.

For those who financed their solar systems through credit cards or specific finance options, there might be extra layers of protection or recourse available.

Additionally, checking with your home insurance might reveal coverage you weren’t aware of.

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Solar Companies That Have Gone Out of Business

We’ve compiled a list of solar companies that have gone out of business. This list represents just the tip of the iceberg.

Many bankrupt solar companies cleverly register themselves under names that don’t include ‘solar’ or ‘renewable energy,’ making it difficult to track them when they decide to close shop.

If you’ve already invested in a renewable energy system, it’s crucial to review our list. We sincerely hope that your installer isn’t among the companies listed.

To verify, click on the company name – you’ll be directed to The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

For your reference, here is a list of solar companies that have gone into liquidation:


A Grade Solar Solutions Pty Ltd

A Woman’s Spark Pty Ltd

A1 Solars R Us (Oetec Pty Ltd.)

Abengoa Solar Power Australia Pty Ltd.

ACT Hybrid Solar (NegoC8 Traders Pty Ltd)

Ad Solar Australia Pty Ltd.

Advanced Solar & Electrical Pty Ltd

AEG Solar (ACN 121 331 440 Pty Ltd)


Air-Solar Australia Pty Ltd

Aleo Solar Australia Pty Ltd

Apex Marketing Group Pty Ltd

Apex Solar Group Pty Ltd

Aqua Pumping & Solar Pty Ltd

Aramda Solar Pty Ltd

Areva Solar KCP Pty Ltd

Armada Solar Pty Ltd

Armada Solar Services Pty Ltd

Aspire Solar Pty Ltd

Asset Solar Tech Pty Ltd

Aussie Batteries Solar 12 Volt Pty Ltd

Aussie Farmers Group Pty Ltd

Aussie Off Grid Solar Energy Pty Ltd.

Aussie Solar Installations Pty Ltd

Aussie Solar Pty Ltd.

Aussie Sun Solar Pty Ltd.

Aussie Wide Solar Pty Ltd.

Aussolar Energy Pty Ltd.

Austech Solar Pty Ltd

Australian Zeversolar New Energy Pty Ltd.

Australian Solar Buying Group Pty Ltd.

Australian Solar Electrics Pty Ltd

Australian Solar Installs Pty Ltd

Australian Solar Management Pty Ltd

Australian Solar Quotes Pty Ltd. (Aruncas Group Pty Ltd)

Auzion Solar Pty Ltd

Avant Solar Pty Ltd

Awesome Solar Pty Ltd


Backyard Pool & Solar Pty Ltd

Ballarat Solar Pty Ltd.

BC Solar Pty Ltd.

Best Solar Pty Ltd.

Bi-Rite Solar & Electrical Pty Ltd

Biosolar Australia Pty Limited

Blu Sky Solar Pty Ltd

Blueline Solar Pty Ltd

BSC Solar Pty Ltd

Budget Solar System (Budget Telecom Pty Ltd.)

Bullseye Solar (Bullseye Industries Pty Ltd)


Cairns Value Solar Pty Ltd.

Capital Solar Pty Ltd

Carbon Footie Solar (CF Operations Pty Ltd)

Care Solar Solutions Pty Ltd

CBD Energy Limted

CBD Solar Labs Pty Ltd

CBD Solar Pty Ltd

CETC 48 Solar Energy Pty Ltd.

Citisolar Commercial Pty Ltd

City Point Electrical Solar & Communications Services Pty Ltd.

CLC Solar & Electrical Pty Ltd

Clear Solar (CS001 Pty Ltd)

Clipso Solar Pty Ltd

Coastal Solar & Electrical Pty Ltd

Coastal Solar Pty Ltd.

Coastal Solar Solutions Pty Ltd

Combined Solar Pty Ltd

Country Solar NT Pty Ltd

Croc Solar Pty Ltd


D C F X Solar Systems Pty Ltd

Darwin Solar Pty Ltd

DCM Solar Pty Ltd

Diamond Cell Solar (Diamond Cell Pty Ltd)

DIY Home Solar Pty. Ltd.

Do My Solar Pty Ltd.

Dorost Pty Ltd

Down South Solar Power (Prana Logic Pty Ltd.)

Dynamic Electrical & Solar Pty Ltd

Dynamic Solar Pty Ltd


E Connect Solar & Electrical Pty Ltd

Ekonmix Solar Solutions (Peak Output Installation Pty Ltd.)

Elecfirst Pty Ltd

Electrical and Solar Energy Solutions Pty. Ltd.

Elemental Solar Pty Ltd.

Elite Solar & Electrical Services Pty Ltd

Elite Solar Pty Ltd

Empowered Solar Solutions Pty Ltd

EP Solar Pty Ltd

Euro Solar (P & N Pty ltd.)

Ever On Solar And Batteries Pty Ltd

EverSolar Pty Ltd

Evolution Solar – Carbon Reducer (Organics4Health Pty Ltd.)

Express Solar

Express Solar Pty Ltd.


FGE Solar Pty Ltd

First Global Energy Australia Pty Ltd.

First Global Energy Pty Ltd

Flashpoint Electrical & Solar Installations Pty Ltd

Free Solar Personnel Pty Ltd

Free Solar Pty Ltd


Genises Solar Group Pty Ltd.

Go 4 Solar Pty Ltd

GO Energy Group Limited

Go For Solar Pty Ltd Formerly T/A THE SOLAR IMPORTER

Goenergy Installations Pty Limited

Goenergy Pty Limited

Golden Solar Pty Limited

Goodlife Solar Pty Ltd.

Got To Go Solar Pty Limited

GPower Pty Ltd.

Graham Solar Pty. Ltd.

Great Solar Solutions Pty Ltd. (A.C.N. 149 974 701 PTY LTD)

Great Southern Solar (Redgum Inlet Pty Ltd)

Greatcell Solar Australia Pty Ltd

Greatcell Solar Ltd

Green Solar Australia Pty Limited

Green Spark Electrical & Solar Pty Ltd.

Greener Energy Solar Pty Ltd

Gryphon Solar and Renewable Group Pty Ltd.


Hareon Solar Australia Pty Ltd.

HEC Solar Energy Pty Ltd

Horizon Solar Technologies Pty Ltd

HTS Solar Pty Ltd.


Infinity Solar Pty Ltd

Inspire Solar (Greenhouse Express Pty Ltd)

International Solar Solutions Pty Ltd

Inverter Solar Pty Ltd.

IS Energy Pty Ltd

Isolar Energy Pty. Ltd.


Jane Eliza Solar Farm Pty Ltd

JP Solar Installations Pty Ltd

Justil Pty Ltd


KL Solar & Electrical Services Pty Ltd

Kyocera Solar Pty Ltd


Lifetime Solar Pty. Ltd.

Lyon Battery Storage Pty Ltd

Lyon Solar Pty Ltd


Matrix Solar Warehouse Pty Ltd

Maxisolar Pty Ltd

Maya Solar (Me and You (Aus) Pty Ltd)

McMaster Holdings Pty Limited

Megasolar Pty Ltd

Megasun Solar Pty Ltd

Melbourne Solar Company Pty Ltd

Metalcraft Solar & Insulation Pty Ltd

Metro Solar Pty Ltd (ACN 152 176 755 Pty Ltd)

Microsolar Systems Pty Ltd.

More Solar Energy Pty Ltd (ACN 164 285 269 Pty Ltd)

MPower Solar (Omni 360 Pty Ltd.)

Mugga Lane Solar Park Pty Ltd


National Solar Experts (Kleibo Group Pty Ltd.)

National Solar Installations Pty Ltd

National Solar Network Pty Ltd

Nepv Solar Pty Ltd.

New Solar Technologies Pty Ltd

New Solar Warehouse Pty Ltd

Nites Solar (Nites (WA) Pty Ltd)

No Deposit Solar (Qualified Quotes Pty Ltd.)

Now Solar Pty Ltd. (MLEC Pacific Pty Ltd)

NRG Solar Solutions Pty Ltd


On Solar Aus Pty Ltd

One World Solar Pty Ltd.

Operation Solar Pty Ltd

Orca Installations & Solar Solutions Pty Ltd

OZ Solar Needs Pty. Ltd.

Ozmac Solar Pty Ltd


Pacific Heating and Solar Pty Ltd

Pedley’s Solar Pty Ltd

Personalised Power Solutions Pty Ltd

PH Electrical & Solar Installs Pty Limited

Pivotal Solar Solutions (SGB Trading Pty Ltd.)

Platinum Solar Australia Pty Ltd.

Platinum Solar CC Pty Ltd

Polaris Solar Pty Ltd

Powerark Solar Pty Ltd.

Precision Solar and Battery (Precision Marketing Group Pty Ltd)

Premier Solar (Queensland) Pty Ltd

Premier Solar (SA) Pty Ltd

Premier Solar (Vic) Pty Ltd

Premier Solar Australia Pty Ltd

Premier Solar Group Pty Ltd

Premier Solar Project Pty Ltd.

Pro-Ro Electrics & Solar Pty Ltd

Professional Solar Installers Pty Ltd.

Prosolar Pty Limited

ProSun Solar (MS Corporation Pty Ltd)

Protech Solar (McInerney Enterprises Pty Ltd.)

Pure Solar Pty Ltd


Q2 Solar Pty Ltd

Queensland Solar and Storage Pty Ltd


R&L Solar Construction Pty Ltd

R&L Solar Solutions (Australasia) Pty Ltd

Ravi & Sharan (QLD) Solar (Ravsha Pty Ltd.)

Red Giant Solar Pty Ltd.

Red Kite Energy Pty Ltd

Rise Solar Pty Limited (Going Wholesale Pty Limited)

Rock Solar Pty Ltd


S.X Solar Express Australia Pty Ltd

SA Solar & Electrical (MJ Tonkin Pty Ltd)

Secure Intelligence Solar Pty Ltd

Sew Residential Solar Pty Ltd

Simply Solar & Storage Pty Limited

Sivcorp Solar Pty Ltd

So Good Solar Pty. Ltd.

Solar 1 Pty Ltd

Solar 2 You Pty Ltd.

Solar 2.0 Pty Ltd

Solar Action Pty Ltd

Solar and Storage Australia Pty Ltd

Solar Australia Pty Limited

Solar Batteries & Pumps Pty Ltd

Solar Beam Pty Ltd

Solar Bright Pty Ltd.

Solar City (East-Mar Pty. Ltd.)

Solar City Enterprises Pty Ltd

Solar City Freeholds Pty. Ltd.

Solar Corporation of Australia Pty Ltd

Solar DFO Pty Ltd

Solar Economy Pty Ltd

Solar Energy NSW Pty Ltd

Solar Energy Store (Bulk Imports & Exports Pty Ltd.)

Solar Essence Pty. Ltd.

Solar Financial Advisory Pty Ltd

Solar First (Firstaction Group Pty Ltd)

Solar Free Pty Ltd

Solar Freedom Australia Pty Ltd. (OPM Import Pty Ltd.)

Solar Guys Distribution Pty Ltd

Solar H C Pty Ltd.

Solar Heart (AA Sales and Marketing Pty Ltd.)

Solar Inception Pty Ltd (ACN 126 245 949 Pty Ltd)

Solar Kraft Pty Ltd

Solar Megamart Pty Ltd. (Illumilite Pty Ltd.)

Solar Monitoring Australia Pty Ltd

Solar Orb Pty Ltd

Solar Panel Xpress Pty Ltd

Solar Power Tasmania (Archlec Pty Ltd)

Solar Power Wide Bay Burnett Pty Ltd

Solar PPA Pty Ltd

Solar PV Commercial Pty Ltd (A.C.N. 154 435 140 Pty Ltd )

Solar Recruitment Pty Ltd.

Solar Red Pty Ltd.

Solar Run Windsor (Nuwe Lewe Pty Ltd.)

Solar SA Pty Ltd

Solar Satisfaction Pty Ltd

Solar Security Holdings Pty Ltd

Solar Service SA Pty Ltd

Solar Service Victoria Pty Ltd.

Solar Set Pty ltd.

Solar Shop Australia Pty Ltd

Solar Shop Group Pty Ltd

Solar Smart QLD Pty Ltd.

Solar Springs Health Retreat Pty. Limited

Solar Star Pty Ltd.

Solar Station Alpha Pty Ltd

Solar Storage Australia Pty Ltd

Solar Sunwerx & Everything Solar (SSW Group Holding Pty Ltd.)

Solar Supplies & Logistics Pty Ltd

Solar Support Pty Ltd

Solar Village Pty Ltd

Solar Vis Pty Ltd

Solar Water Wind Pty Ltd

Solar Winds Australia Pty Ltd

Solar World Power Pty Ltd

Solar3000 Pty Ltd.

Solarbroker Australia Pty Ltd

Solarcore Pty Ltd

Solarcore Townsville Pty Ltd

Solareco Pty Ltd

Solarflo Pty Ltd

Solargen (Australia) Pty Ltd

Solarich Pty. Ltd.

Solarsave (NSW) Pty Ltd.

Solarsave Pty Limited

Solarscape Pty Ltd

Solarsplash Pty Limited

Solaru Pty Ltd

Solarwatt Technology Australia Pty Ltd.

Solarwise Pty Ltd

Solarya Pty Ltd

Solco Solar Products Pty Limited

Sonisolar Pty Ltd

Southside Electrical Air and Solar (Naylor Electrical Contracting Pty. Ltd.)

Spectrum Solar Pty Ltd

Standard Solar Pty Ltd.

Star 8 Solar Green Commercial Pty. Ltd.

State Solar Power (Enigin NSW Pty Limited)

Steel Solar Pty Ltd

Storage and Solar Pty Ltd

Sun Air Solar (Guiliana Enterprises Pty Ltd)

Sun Check Pty Ltd

Sun Gods Solar Pty Ltd

Sun Solar System (P & N NSW Pty Ltd)

Sunlongsolar Pty Ltd

Sunrise Solar Installers Pty Ltd

Sunsmart Solar Pty Ltd.

Suntag Solar Pty Ltd

Suntek Solar (Rimours Pty Ltd.)

Suntrak Solar Air Conditioning & Electrical Pty Ltd

Suntree Solar & Electrical Pty Ltd

Superior Energy Solutions & Superior Solar Solutions (Australia) (Deljo Investments Pty Ltd.)


Technique Solar Ltd.

The Solar Family Pty Ltd

The Solar Installers (Sunshine State Group Pty Ltd.)

The Solar Power Group Pty Ltd.

The Solar Service Company Pty Ltd.

The Solar Warehouse Pty Ltd

Todae Solar Pty Ltd

True Solar Pty Limited

True Value Solar – Cairns (Besmart Pty Ltd)

Truenergy Solar Pty Ltd.


Unleash Solar Pty Ltd

Urban Solar (Aust) Pty. Ltd.

Urth Solar Pty Ltd


V-Solar Pty Ltd

VIC Solar Technologies Pty Ltd.

Voltlogic Solar Pty Ltd (Formerly trading as RESA Intellectual Property Pty Ltd)


WA Solar Power Pty Ltd

Wardell Plumbing & Solar Pty Ltd

Westinghouse Solar Pty Ltd

Wise Choice Electrical & Solar Pty Ltd.



Your Choice Solar (V Marketing Australia Pty Ltd)

YSolar Systems Pty Ltd


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