SolarEdge DC Coupled Battery Solution

SolarEdge Technologies stands as a prominent global force in the realm of intelligent energy technology. Its inception dates back to 2006, founded by visionaries Guy Sella, Lior Handelsman, Yoav Galin, and Meir Adest.

Operating out of its headquarters in Herzliya, Israel, SolarEdge maintains a robust presence across the United States, Europe, and Asia. SolarEdge embarked on its journey with a primary emphasis on pioneering groundbreaking inverter technology tailored to augment the efficiency of solar power systems.

In the year 2010, the company unveiled its inaugural offering, the SolarEdge Power Optimiser, meticulously engineered to optimise the power yield of individual solar panels within a system. Taking a significant stride forward in 2012, SolarEdge went public on the NASDAQ stock exchange, successfully raising $126 million through its initial public offering.

The company proceeded to diversify its product portfolio, ushering in a new era of inverters, monitoring systems, and cutting-edge energy storage solutions. In 2015, SolarEdge marked a milestone by acquiring Kokam, a distinguished South Korean battery manufacturer, thus bolstering its prowess in energy storage.

Concurrently, the company introduced its StorEdge solution, enabling homeowners to store surplus solar energy for utilisation during periods when sunlight is elusive. In 2018, SolarEdge expanded its horizons further by acquiring Gamatronic, an Israeli enterprise renowned for its expertise in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems.

This strategic move empowered SolarEdge to extend its product range, offering resilient backup power solutions tailored to both residential and commercial needs. Presently, SolarEdge emerges as a preeminent provider of intelligent energy technology, offering a comprehensive spectrum of products and solutions encompassing solar power systems, energy storage, and dependable backup power.

The company’s commitment to innovation has garnered it multiple awards, solidifying its status as one of the fastest-growing entities within the renewable energy industry.

SolarEdge operates multiple global manufacturing facilities. Its primary production site, situated in Israel, is responsible for the manufacture of inverters, power optimisers, and other components essential for solar power systems.

This facility, located in Beit Shemesh, approximately 30 kilometres to the west of Jerusalem, encompasses an area of roughly 23,000 square meters. Apart from its main Israeli facility, SolarEdge maintains manufacturing centres in various countries, including:

  • China
  • Vietnam
  • Hungary

These facilities are engaged in the production of a diverse range of products, such as:

  1. Power optimisers
  2. Inverters
  3. Energy storage systems

SolarEdge places great emphasis on automation in its manufacturing processes, employing cutting-edge robotics and technology to enhance production efficiency. The company is also committed to eco-friendly manufacturing practices, focusing on waste reduction and minimising energy consumption.

In terms of production capacity, SolarEdge’s manufacturing facilities have the capability to produce millions of units annually. The company has significantly expanded its production capacity in response to the growing demand for its products.

In 2020, SolarEdge reported shipping over 1.5 million inverters and more than 50 million power optimisers since its inception in 2006. Additionally, SolarEdge has received numerous awards and recognitions over the years, including accolades such as:

  • The Cleantech Environmental Protection Arena Award in 2009
  • The Fast Company Magazine’s World Top 10 Innovative Energy Company in 2019
  • The Solar Future Award’s Company of the Year in 2021

These accolades reflect SolarEdge’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the renewable energy sector.

SolarEdge Technologies (Australia) Pty Ltd.

33 Agnes Street

East Melbourne, VUC 3002

Tel : +61 1800 465 567

Email : NO email available

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Single and Three Phase Solution

SolarEdge Home Hub – SE3000H-SE1000H – 3 – 10 kW

The SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter is a true game-changer in the realm of residential solar energy systems. With its innovative design and advanced features, this cutting-edge inverter not only maximizes energy production but also provides homeowners with greater control and monitoring capabilities.

One of the standout features of the SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter is its ability to optimize power production at the individual solar panel level, thanks to its power optimizers. Unlike traditional string inverters, which only offer optimization at the string level, the Home Hub Inverter ensures that each panel operates at its maximum potential. By mitigating the impact of shading, debris, or mismatched panels, this technology can significantly increase overall system efficiency and output.
In addition to outstanding performance, the SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter boasts an integrated smart energy management system. This functionality allows homeowners to take full control of their energy consumption, storage, and grid interaction. With the Home Hub Inverter’s intelligent monitoring capability, users can track the performance of their solar system in real-time, ensuring optimal efficiency and pinpointing any potential issues. Furthermore, the inverter allows for easy integration with smart home technologies, giving homeowners the ability to manage and optimize energy usage remotely, right from their smartphones or tablets.

The SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter represents a tremendous leap forward in residential solar technology. By optimizing power production, enabling smart energy management, and promoting seamless integration, this advanced inverter empowers homeowners to harness the full potential of their solar energy systems. With the SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter, renewable energy enthusiasts can enjoy maximum efficiency, control, and peace of mind. It’s undoubtedly a game-changer in the quest for sustainable and self-sufficient living.

The Home Hub comes with a 12 year product warranty. However, you are able to extent this if you wish, for more information then please click here for the price. The Inverters also have no screen on the front, meaning less things to go wrong. The inverter comes in 5 different sizes, 3.0, 5.0, 6.0, 8.25 and 10.0 kW.

What is one of the stand-outs with this inverter is the fact, as long as you add a battery, you can have 200% more PV! for example, if you install a 5 kW inverter, you can paid that up with 15 kW PV modules, this gives you the guarantee that you will charge you battery up and run your home, even in the deeps of winter.  

This inverter is compatible with the their own SolarEdge battery, as well as LG Chem Resu 10H and LG Resu 16H Batteries. You are restricted to a maximum of 3 SolarEdge batteries, and 2 LG Batteries per inverter. 

Now, here is the interesting thing, as this is a SINGLE PHASE inverter, and there is not dedicated three phase hybrid inverter yet, you do have the option of adding 3 single phase inverters, 1 on each phase to a 3 phase property. So you could for instance, add a 5kw inverter to each phase, and then add 3 SolarEdge batteries to each inverter, this would give you 15 kW of inverter, with 90 kWh of batteries and you could oversize that with 45 kW of PV modules, we don’t think you’ll ever need power from the grid with that, and not worried about a zombie apocalypse.

Click on the SolarEdge BAT-10K1PS0B-x2 Battery to be taken to the data-sheet
SolarEdge BAT-10K1PS0B-x2 – 10 kWh Modular

The SolarEdge BAT-10K1PS0B-x2 comes in as a 10 kW battery with 9.7 kWh usable. They can be wall mounted or  floor mounted. They weigh 199 kg and the most you can parallel are 3, giving you a total usable capacity of 20.1 kWh. 

Intergrates seamlessly with the SolarEdge Home ecosystem, utilising the Home Network, giving you a single source for warranty and support. Scalable solution and simple plug and play installation.

Usable Capacity (kWh)9.719.429.1
Max Charge / Discharge Power (kW)555
Click on the LG Resu 10H Prime Battery Box to be taken to the data-sheet
Battery LG Resu 10H Prime – 10 kWh Modular

The LG Resu 10H Prime come in as a 10 kW battery with 9.6 kWh usable. They can be wall mounted or  floor mounted. There are two main parts, the top section which is a battery control unit (BCU) and the lower section is the battery module itself, coming in at 41kg per section and there are two sections. The most you can parallel are 2, giving you a total usable capacity of 19.2 kWh. 

Usable Capacity (kWh)9.619.2
Max Charge / Discharge Power (kW)510
Click on the LG Resu 16H Prime Battery Box to be taken to the data-sheet
Battery LG Resu 16H Prime – 16 kWh Modular

The LG Resu 16H Prime come in as a 16 kW battery with 16 kWh usable. They can be wall mounted or  floor mounted. There are two main parts, the top section which is a battery control unit (BCU) and the lower section is the battery module itself, coming in at 41kg per section and there are two sections. The most you can parallel are 2, giving you a total usable capacity of 19.2 kWh. 

Usable Capacity (kWh)1632
Max Charge / Discharge Power (kW)714


PRO – Considered one of the premium brands.

PRO -Australian Office

PRO – Comes with a standard 12 year warranty with the inverter (which can be extended online) and 25 years for the optimisers

PRO – They manufacture all components themselves.

PRO – Great safety features

PRO – According to Sinovoltaics analysis of financials, SolarEdge sit in 5th place in the world. well and truly in the safe zone for their financials. (source – Sinovoltaics report 2022)


CON – Quite expensive

Our Thoughts

A quality product, manufactured by a massive company with a strong trading history. Comes with one of the industrys best standard warranty of 12 years, with the option to extend this online to up 25 years too. 

The Australian office allows for warranty issues to be catered for, even if your installation company disappears.

They will be a good choice by anyone, that will last the test of time and produce power for years to come. The BIG selling point is that all the panels come with a power optimiser, this allows each panel to work independantly of each other, which results in more energy generation for your system, as each panel is working to the best of their abilities. 

Safety of the inverter is brilliant, they have SafeDC and Rapid Shutdown technology incorporated within the inverter, which automatically reduces the DC cables to 1V (safe to touch) whenever the inverter is turned off.

We would install them on our own house or business.

HOWEVER, here is the kicker…..Sometimes they promise more than they can deliver, for instance, they allowed retailers across the company to sell their single and three phase inverters as ‘hybrids’, meaning they can connect a battery to them in the future, promising that their new battery with be compatible with them. But guess what, the new battery isn’t compatible with their 3 phase inverter. Which means there are lots of customers out there that already have bought the 3 phase inverter and want a battery and they can’t have one yet! Keep being told it’s coming and in development, but really we don’t think it is yet.

They ‘sort of’ doing the right thing at the minute, and if you do buy a battery, they are given you a new Home Hub inverter, and replacing the old HD Wave you have, thus you start your 12 year warranty again, so that’s a massive win for the customer, however, are they doing this also because they have had quite a few service issues with the HD Wave too!

Solaredge is great for the right circumstance, when you have lots of shading issues or multiply roof orientations and angles, so there is definitely a place in the market for them, and we would strongly recommend them in those situations. But if you have no shade issues, and can fit your panels nicely on 1 or 2 orientations, then I don’t think you need to go to a SolarEdge inverter which is more expensive.

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