Best Solar Panel Australia

best solar panel australia

Choosing the best solar panel in Australia goes beyond just comparing prices and specifications. It’s about finding the best value for your money.

As an expert in solar technology, we’ve evaluated panels based on real-world performance, longevity, and the manufacturers’ commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Today’s top choices not only offer high energy efficiency but also adapt seamlessly to diverse user demands. Hopefully, our solar panels comparison can cut through the marketing noise.

Here is our compilation of the best solar panels in Australia. We present panels that truly stand out in a rapidly evolving market in Australia.

Best Solar Panel Brands in Australia

BrandTop Model For ResidentialPower RatingEfficiencyWarrantyPrice Range
SunPowerMaxeon 6410-425 WUp to 22%40 year *$610 to $640
RECAlpha Pure Series410 WUp to 22.3%25-year product,
25-year performance
$139 to $419
Canadian SolarTOPHiKu6420-445 WUp to 22.8%25-year product,
30-year performance
Jinko SolarTiger Neo 60HL4-(V)460-480 WUp to 22.24%25-year product,
30-year performance
$151 to $325
LONGiHi-MO 5m405-425 WUp to 21.5%25-year product,
25-year performance
$132 to $415
SuntechUltra V Pro mini420-440 WUp to 22.5%25-year product,
30-year performance
$300 to $382

Best Solar Panel Residential

Let’s take a closer look at each top residential solar panel from our comparison. What sets them apart in technology and performance?

1. SunPower – Maxeon 6

sunpower maxeon banner

SunPower Maxeon 6 AC Solar Panel stands out as a noteworthy contender. It’s a remarkable fusion of efficiency, durability, and sustainability. This product offers a power range of 410-425 W and an efficiency of up to 22%. It is designed to optimise energy generation and reliability.

The Maxeon 6 AC Solar Panel excels in energy generation even in low-light and high-temperature conditions. Its robust construction features crack-resistant cells and reinforced connections, ensuring reliability in various weather conditions.

Confident in its performance and durability, this solar panel offers a 40-year warranty. This warranty is backed by extensive testing and a global track record. Registration is required to activate the 40-year warranty; otherwise, a 25-year warranty applies. And it’s subject to specific terms and conditions and not available in all countries.

Maxeon 6 is an exemplary choice in the solar panel market.

View the SunPower Maxeon 6 AC datasheets.

2. REC – Alpha Pure Series

rec alpha pure series banner

The REC Alpha Pure Series represents a significant advancement in solar panel technology. It’s integrating several innovative features to enhance power density and overall performance. This series combines heterojunction cells and N-type technology, aiming to provide high efficiency and consistent energy output.

The series is designed to endure harsh weather conditions, evidenced by its ability to withstand up to 7000 Pa. The sleek black design appeals to modern aesthetic preferences too. Its models, Alpha Pure and Alpha Pure-R, showcase impressive efficiency ratings ranging from 21.1% to 22.2% and 20.7% to 22.3%, respectively. Additionally, the power rating of the series stands at 410 Wp (Watt-peak). This is the maximum power output under standard test conditions.

In terms of quality, the panels are produced in REC’s Singapore facility, known for its advanced and efficient manufacturing processes. This is further backed by a 25-year performance and product warranty.

Overall, the REC Alpha Pure Series represents a balanced choice for those prioritising durable, environmentally friendly, and reliable solar energy solutions.

View the REC Alpha Pure datasheets.

3. Canadian Solar – TOPHiKu6

canadian solar tophiku 6 banner

The TOPHiKu6 solar panel from Canadian Solar stands out in the solar energy market with its impressive power rating, ranging from 420 W to 445 W. This range ensures versatility for various energy needs, whether for residential or commercial applications.

The CS TOPHiKu6 panels feature a 3.2 mm tempered glass front cover with an anti-reflective coating and an anodised aluminium alloy frame. They are designed to withstand heavy snow loads.

The panel boasts a high efficiency of up to 22.8%, placing it among the top performers in solar energy conversion. This efficiency is particularly beneficial in maximising energy output in areas with limited space, making the TOPHiKu6 an excellent choice for efficient energy production.

They offer warranty terms for the TOPHiKu6, including a 25-year product warranty and a 25-year performance warranty. It’s a compelling choice for those seeking a high-performing, reliable solar energy solution.

View the Canadian Solar TOPHiKu6 datasheets.

4. Jinko Solar – Tiger Neo 60HL4-(V)

jinko solar tiger neo banner

The JinkoSolar panel, specifically the Tiger Neo 60HL4-(V) model, is a high-performing solar module with a power rating that ranges between 460 and 480 watts. This range indicates its capability to cater to substantial energy requirements. It is very suitable for both residential and commercial solar installations.

The panel’s efficiency peaks at an impressive 22.24%, placing it among the top-tier solar panels in terms of energy conversion. This high efficiency is crucial for maximising energy production, especially in areas where space is at a premium.

JinkoSolar provides a robust 25-year product warranty and an extended 30-year performance warranty. The extended performance warranty ensures that the panels will maintain a significant portion of their efficiency over three decades. That’s pretty confident if I must say.

That warranty is backed up by features such as N-type Mono-crystalline cells, which are known for their high efficiency and low degradation over time. The panel is certified to withstand heavy wind loads of up to 2400 Pascal and snow loads of up to 5400 Pascal, making it robust in various environmental conditions.

With those kinds of specifications and performance metrics, this panel is efficient, durable, and reliable.

View the JinkoSolar Tiger Neo 60HL4-(V) datasheets.

5. LONGi – Hi-MO 5m

longi hi-mo 5m banner

LONGi Hi-MO 5m solar panel is a noteworthy contender in the solar energy sector, offering a power rating that spans from 405 to 425 watts. This range is indicative of its capability to meet household energy demands.

This panel features advanced Mono PERC technology, which is renowned for its high efficiency and minimal degradation over time. It has an efficiency of up to 21.8%, pretty good. It can maximise energy output in space-constrained installations.

The Hi-MO 5m is engineered to withstand challenging environmental conditions, ensuring robust performance under various climatic stresses. That’s why it provides a solid 25-year product warranty coupled with a 25-year performance warranty.

Additionally, its sleek design and aesthetic appeal make it a fitting addition to any installation.

View the LONGi Hi-MO 5m datasheets.

6. Suntech – Ultra V Pro mini

suntech ultra pro v mini banner

The Suntech Ultra Pro V mini, part of the Ultra Pro V series, stands out in the solar panel market with its impressive specifications. This model boasts a power rating of 420-440 W and an exceptional efficiency of up to 22.5%. These features position it as a highly competitive option.

The Ultra Pro V mini is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. It can endure extreme wind (3800 Pascal) and snow loads (6000 Pascal). This durability ensures long-term reliability and performance, which is crucial for solar installations in challenging climates.

Suntech backs this model with a robust warranty, offering 25 years of product warranty and an extended 30-year performance warranty.

In short, the Suntech Ultra Pro V mini is a top-tier choice for those prioritizing durability and long-term reliability in residential solar panel selection.

View the Suntech Ultra V Pro mini datasheets.

What Makes The Best Solar Panels?

Determining the best solar panels can be challenging. Especially with the constant evolution of manufacturers and products. However, several key factors stand out in identifying top-tier solar panels:

1. Quality Brands and Trustworthy Manufacturers

It’s crucial to choose panels from well-known and reputable manufacturers. Reputable brands have a track record of producing high-quality and efficient panels.

Choosing a solar company that has an established brand is generally a safe bet.

2. Balancing Cost and Quality

While cost is a significant factor, it shouldn’t be the sole consideration. High-quality panels like those from Sunpower, REC, and QCells might cost more. But they offer better long-term value.

Conversely, more affordable options like Canadian Solar, Jinko, and LONGi can still be reliable choices if they fall within the trusted circle.

3. Efficiency Matters

Higher-efficiency panels are preferable as they can generate more electricity from the same amount of sunlight. However, remember that increased efficiency often comes with a higher price tag.

This investment can pay off in the long run through lower energy bills. It’s essential to weigh the initial costs against potential savings.

4. Warranty as a Quality Indicator

A longer warranty period reflects the manufacturer’s confidence in their product’s durability. Most reputable brands now offer warranties extending 25 years or more.

This extended coverage can be crucial for long-term savings and peace of mind. A robust warranty also often indicates a lower likelihood of defects and issues over time.

5. Expert Recommendations and Customer Reviews

Real-world experiences and recommendations from friends, family, or experts can provide valuable insights into the performance and reliability of specific solar panels.

These testimonials can highlight aspects like ease of installation, customer service, and real-world efficiency. They often reveal more practical information than technical specifications alone.

6. Local Incentives and Regulations

Be aware of government incentives, rebates, or regulations that may affect your choice of solar panels. These can vary significantly by region. Such incentives can make solar more affordable and accessible.

It’s important to stay informed about these options as they can significantly impact the overall cost and feasibility of solar installation.

7. Choosing the Right Type of Solar Panel

There are different types of solar panels, including monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film, each with its pros and cons. For a quick example:

  • Monocrystalline panels are known for high efficiency, while polycrystalline panels are more affordable.
  • Thin-film panels are less common but offer flexibility and are lightweight.

8. Choosing the Right Solar Panel Installer

Finally, even the best solar panels can underperform if installed poorly. Proper installation ensures optimal performance and longevity of your solar system.

Choosing a reliable installation company that adheres to high standards is as important as selecting quality panels. Find a list of companies that have gone into liquidation or deregistered here. It can be a helpful resource in avoiding unreliable installers.

So, Which Solar Panel Is Good for Me?

After exploring the best solar panels of 2023, it’s clear that the right choice depends on individual needs and preferences. Our guide aims to illuminate the key features and advancements of each panel, helping you navigate the vast landscape of solar technology.

Remember, the best solar solution is one that aligns with your energy requirements, environmental conditions, and budget.

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