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QCells, a solar cell manufacturer, originated in 1999 in Germany. Founded by a group of dedicated scientists and engineers driven by a passion for clean energy, the company’s purpose was to pioneer top-tier solar cells that could curb our reliance on fossil fuels and combat climate change.

In its early stages, QCells concentrated on research and development, tirelessly enhancing solar cell efficiency and performance. Their relentless pursuit of innovation led to the introduction of a highly efficient commercial solar cell in 2021, which swiftly gained worldwide recognition among solar panel manufacturers.

Over subsequent years, QCells expanded its horizons. In 2004, the company inaugurated its first production facility in Germany, elevating its manufacturing capabilities and solidifying its standing as a premier European solar cell manufacturer.

In 2005, QCells went public, trading shares on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, thus amplifying its presence and attracting fresh investments for ongoing growth. During the same year, they established a U.S. subsidiary, extending their influence into North America.

In 2007, QCells opened a state-of-the-art production unit in Malaysia, augmenting production capacity and reducing costs, enhancing competitiveness in the global market. However, in 2012, QCells confronted financial challenges due to the global economic downturn and intensified competition in the solar industry.

Regrettably, the company had to declare bankruptcy, and Hanwha Group, a prominent South Korean conglomerate, acquired its assets, rebranding it as Hanwha QCells. The company continued operations in Germany and Malaysia.

Today, Hanwha QCells stands as a global leader in solar cell manufacturing, supplying premium solar cells for diverse applications worldwide. Despite facing adversities, their unwavering commitment to diminishing fossil fuel dependence and addressing climate change through innovation, quality, and groundbreaking technologies remains steadfast.

Hanwha QCells, based in Seoul, South Korea, has its technology and innovation hub situated in Thalheim, Germany, within the Solar Valley. It is here that they develop their ‘Engineered in Germany’ product line.

The company boasts a dedicated team of scientists and engineers who continuously enhance existing technologies at their in-house research centre while also working on the creation of innovative products. Hanwha QCells manufactures its products in China, Malaysia, and South Korea, distributing them globally through an extensive sales network covering Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, South America, Africa, and the Middle East.

In 2023, they announced plans to establish a new production facility in Georgia, USA, with a substantial investment, focusing on serving the US market. As of now, QCells possesses a cell capacity of 10GW and a solar panel capacity of 12.4GW annually.

Although they might not be the largest in terms of capacity, they prioritise quality over quantity. Over the years, Hanwha QCells has received several prestigious awards, showcasing their excellence in the field:

  • In 2003, they were honoured with the Intersolar Award for Photovoltaics.
  • The Solar Industry Award for Module Manufacturing Innovation was presented to them in 2004.
  • Continuing their success, they secured the Intersolar Award for Photovoltaics again in 2005.
  • Their significant contributions to solar energy development in Europe earned them the European Solar Prize in 2006.
  • They received the Intersolar Award for Photovoltaics once more in 2007.
  • In 2010, their commitment to sustainability and environmental protection was acknowledged with the German Sustainability Award.
  • Hanwha QCells made it to the Global Cleantech 100 list in 2011, recognising their substantial contributions to clean technology.
  • They claimed the Intersolar Award for Photovoltaics in 2013 and 2015.
  • In 2016, they were recognised with the Solar Industry Award for Module Manufacturing Innovation, specifically for their Q.ANTUM Technology.
  • From 2016 to 2022, EuPD Research awarded them the ‘Top Brand PV’ Seal for Europe, specifically for their modules.
  • In 2017, they received The Solar & Power Award for Excellence in Innovation.
  • Their Product Innovation was acknowledged by the Solar Power Portal in 2017.
  • PV Magazine also recognised them in 2017 with the Top Innovation Award.
  • The Inter Solar Award in 2017 was presented to them for the Q-Peak RSF L-G4.2.
  • In 2018, they received the Intersolar Award for the innovative product, Q.Peak Duo-G5.
  • Between 2021 and 2022, they were awarded the N-TV Award and the Germany Life & Living Award for being the Most Popular Provider of Solar Technology.

Australian Office

Suite 1, Leve 1 – 15 Blue Street

North Sydney, NSW 2060

Tel : +61 (0)2 9016 3033

Email : HQC-Inquiry@qcells.com

Business hours

Mon-Fri – 6am to 7pm

Sat – 7am – 4pm

Sun – Closed

If you wish to complete their Contact Us form, this can be found here.

For the most up to date product offering, direct from QCells, please click here.

QCells have always been highly regarded within the marketplace as more of a premium panel, and with a 25 year warranty as standard, good panel efficiency’s and some lovely all-black models you can see why.






PRO – Tier 1 company

PRO -Australian Office

PRO – Great efficiency rating of panels.

PRO – They manufacture all components themselves.


CON – German Engineered Products, but not made in Germany. 

CON – According to Sinovoltaics analysis of financials, QCells sit in 43rd place in the world. (source – Sinovoltaics report 2022) sitting in the grey area, not in safe zone or distress zone. 

Our Thoughts

A quality product, manufactured by a massive company with a strong and long trading history.

The Australian office allows for warranty issues to be catered for, even if your installation company disappears.

They will be a good choice by anyone and will last the test of time and produce power for years to come. All panels come with a 25-year warranty and some of the best efficiencies in the market. 

We would definitely without a shadow of a doubt, put them on our own house or business.

We would put them on our own house or business.

Update: Sadly, QCells exited the Australian market in February 2024. They are our favourite solar panel brand.

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