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Sofar Solar, a Chinese firm specialising in the creation, advancement, and production of solar inverters and energy storage solutions, was established in 2012 by a team of passionate engineers and entrepreneurs who recognised the transformative potential of renewable energy. In its initial stages, Sofar Solar concentrated on crafting high-efficiency and dependable solar inverters, quickly earning a reputation for being a top-tier inverter manufacturer.

Over time, the company broadened its product range to encompass energy storage systems and related items. By 2016, Sofar Solar had solidified its standing as a key player in the global solar industry, with a presence spanning 40+ countries.

They continued innovating to provide smart energy solutions that enable customers to optimise energy usage and reduce their environmental footprint. In 2018, Sofar Solar introduced the Sofar HYD-ES, an energy storage system designed for homes and businesses, characterised by its reliability and efficiency.

This launch garnered acclaim from both customers and industry experts, reaffirming Sofar Solar’s leadership in the energy storage sector. Today, Sofar Solar remains dedicated to innovation, consistently developing new products to empower customers in harnessing renewable energy’s potential.

Their unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility underscores their mission to create a cleaner, more sustainable future for all.

Sofar Solar boasts a cutting-edge manufacturing facility situated in Foshan, within China’s Guangdong province. This expansive facility spans over 20,000 square meters and is outfitted with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and technology.

The manufacturing site is segmented into multiple departments, encompassing research and development, production, quality control, and logistics. Within these departments, a team of seasoned engineers and technicians diligently oversee the production process to guarantee the highest standards of quality and reliability are met.

Sofar Solar’s annual production capacity exceeds 2 GW for solar inverters and energy storage systems. Their product range is extensive, including:

  • Single-phase and three-phase inverters
  • Hybrid inverters
  • Energy storage solutions

Beyond their Foshan facility, Sofar Solar maintains a research and development centre in Shenzhen, known for hosting prominent tech companies. This R&D centre is staffed with experienced engineers and scientists who are dedicated to creating new and innovative products that empower customers to optimise their energy consumption and reduce their environmental footprint.

Sofar Solar’s manufacturing facilities hold certifications of the highest international standards, including ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, affirming the company’s commitment to environmentally responsible and sustainable manufacturing practices. Their mission revolves around reducing their ecological impact and promoting sustainability across all their operations.

Sofar Solar’s dedication to excellence has garnered them numerous awards, such as:

  1. The China Good Design Award for Solar Inverters in 2016
  2. The Intersolar Award for their AC-coupled energy storage system in 2017
  3. Various other accolades, recognising their:
    • Innovation
    • Commitment to sustainability
    • Design and engineering capabilities

Sofar Solar AusCo Pty Ltd.

6 / 81 Beal Street

Meadowbrook, QLD 4133

Tel : (+61) 1300 176 327

Email :

If you wish to complete their contact us form, this can be found here.

For the most up to date product offering, direct from Sofar Solar, please click here.

Sofar 1100-3300TL-G3 (single phase – 1 MPPT)

Sofar 3K-6KTLM-G3 (single phase – 2 MPPT)

Sofar 7K-10.5KTLM-G3 (single phase – 3 MPPT)

Sofar3.3K-12KTLX-G3 (three phase – 2 MPPT)

Sofar 15K-24KTLX-G3 (three phase – 2 MPPT)

Sofar Solar inverters also come with an online monitoring portal called SolarMAN and further information on this can be found here.

If you change your Wi-Fi provider or password, then you may need to set your inverter up again. The Sofar Solar Wi-Fi setup tutorial can be found here.

Sofar Solar warranty terms and conditions can be found here.


PRO – Great product and Price.

PRO – Australian Office

PRO – Good selection of inverters

PRO – They manufacture all components themselves.

PRO – 10 year standard warranty with options to extend up to 20 years.


CON – Struggling to find one really. for the price, they’re a good little unit. 

Our Thoughts

A quality product, manufactured by a Chinese company with a strong and long trading history. We expect to see great things from Sofar in the future. 

The Australian office allows for warranty issues to be catered for, even if your installation company disappears. From our experience dealing with Sofar Solar previously, they have exceptional customer service and honour warranty claims quickly and efficiently. 

They will be a good choice by anyone, that will last the test of time and produce power for years to come. The inverters come with a standard 10 year warranty, but you can extend the warranty up to 20 years via their website. 

We would definitely install them on our own house or business.

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