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JA Solar stands as a prominent producer of high-efficiency photovoltaic (PV) solutions, operating on a global scale. Established in 2005 and headquartered in Shanghai, China, JA Solar has experienced remarkable growth, evolving into one of the world’s largest solar panel manufacturers.

The company maintains a robust commitment to advancing its products through extensive research and development, dedicating significant resources to enhancing their efficiency and performance. JA Solar is a publicly traded entity, trading on the NASDAQ under the symbol JASO, and its ownership is distributed among various shareholders, with no dominant controlling entity.

These shareholders encompass a diverse spectrum, including:

  • Institutional investors
  • Individual retail investors
  • Employees

Thanks to a steadfast dedication to technological innovation, a solid financial foundation, and an extensive global network for sales and service, JA Solar enjoys widespread recognition from both domestic and international customers. This recognition has led to consistent inclusion in prestigious lists such as the “Fortune 500 China 500” and the “Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises” for multiple consecutive years.

(source – JA Solar)

JA Solar operates nine manufacturing facilities, the majority of which are based in China. However, they also have a presence in Malaysia and Vietnam.

With a combined production capacity of 42.5 gigawatts, JA Solar ranks among the world’s top three solar panel manufacturers. Notable recognitions and awards received by JA Solar include:

  • 2012: China Quality Award
  • 2013-2017: Five consecutive years as a top performer in the PV Reliability Scorecard by DNV GL
  • 2015: Intersolar Award
  • 2017: Renewable Energy Technology Innovation Award
  • 2018-2021: Four consecutive years as a Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) Tier 1 Module Manufacturer
  • 2018-2021: Four consecutive years with the Top Brand PV Seal by EuPD Research
  • 2018: China Quality Award
  • 2019: Solar + Power Award
  • 2019: TUV Rheinland ‘All Quality Matter’ Award
  • 2020: Intersolar Award
  • 2021: Top performer in the PV Reliability Scorecard by DNV GL
  • 2021-2023: Three consecutive years with the Top Brand PV Seal by EuPD Research
  • 2023: Technical Excellence Award in the enterprise category at the Golden Leopard Award Ceremony
  • 2023: Golden Module Award for the Deepblue 4.0 module at the Golden Leopard Award Ceremony.

These achievements highlight JA Solar’s outstanding contributions to the solar industry and their commitment to quality and innovation.

JA Solar Australia Pty Ltd

Level 25, 100 Mount Street

North Sydney NSW 2060

Tel : (+61) 289 122 165

Email : service.au@jasolar.com

For the most up to date product offering, direct from JA Solar, then please follow the below links.

DeepBlue 3.0 Series

DeepBlue 4.0 X


PRO – Tier 1 company, top 3 manufacturers in the world. 

PRO – Australian Office

PRO – Great efficiency rating and variety of solar modules

PRO – They manufacture all components themselves.

PRO – A great price for the quality of the panel.

PRO – According to Sinovoltaics analysis of financials, JA Solar sit in 8th place in the world and clearly in the safe zone. (source – Sinovoltaics report 2022)


CON – Difficult to handle for installers due to their weight and size.

Our Thoughts

A quality product for a reasonable price, manufactured by a massive Chinese company with a strong and long trading history.

The Australian office allows for warranty issues to be catered for, even if your installation company disappears.

With some of the best efficiency panels on the ‘cheaper’ end of the solar market, JA Solar will be a good choice by anyone, that will last the test of time and produce power for years to come.

We would put them on our own house or business.

Find your perfect match among the best solar panel brands we recommend!

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