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SunPower Corporation is a prominent American energy company specialising in solar panel and solar system design, manufacturing, and installation. Dr. Richard Swanson and Dr. Richard Crane, both former Stanford University professors, founded the company in 1985.

SunPower’s headquarters are based in San Jose, California, with operations spanning across North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. SunPower’s early focus centred on high-efficiency solar cell development.

In 1992, the company achieved a world record for the highest-efficiency silicon cell. In 1995, SunPower expanded into solar panel manufacturing and subsequently went public on the NASDAQ stock exchange in 2005.

Over the years, the company has consistently advanced its solar technology, achieving another world record for the highest-efficiency solar panel in 2019. Today, SunPower stands as one of the world’s leading solar companies, renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation.

The company’s solar panels find diverse applications, from residential and commercial installations to large-scale utility projects. SunPower is strongly dedicated to sustainability, having set ambitious goals for reducing its carbon footprint and promoting renewable energy.

SunPower has actively participated in several significant global solar projects, with one notable example being the Solar Star project in California, USA. This colossal 579-megawatt solar farm, developed in collaboration with MidAmerican Solar, features an impressive 1.7 million solar panels spread across a 13-square-kilometer expanse.

These panels are mounted on single-axis trackers, enabling them to track the sun’s movement throughout the day and maximise energy production. Solar Star is projected to generate enough power to supply over 255,000 homes and offset more than half a million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

This remarkable accomplishment contributes to the promotion of clean, sustainable energy and reduces our reliance on fossil fuels.

SunPower operates manufacturing facilities in various countries across the globe, including:

  • United States
  • Mexico
  • France
  • Philippines

The company’s main headquarters is situated in San Jose, California, with a significant production facility in Oregon, USA, dedicated to the production of high-efficiency solar panels. In addition to their US-based manufacturing sites, SunPower also maintains a plant in Mexicali, Mexico, focused on manufacturing solar panels for the North American market.

Their facility in Toulouse, France, is responsible for supplying panels to the European market. Notably, SunPower boasts one of the largest solar panel manufacturing facilities in Southeast Asia, located in the Philippines, which serves the Asia and Australia regions, with an estimated capacity of 400 megawatts per year.

Overall, SunPower’s global annual manufacturing capacity is estimated at 1.7 gigawatts, encompassing both solar panels and solar cells. The company has received several notable awards over the years, including:

  1. The 2015 Climate Leadership Award for its commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  2. The 2016 Energy Storage North American Innovation Award for Energy Storage Solutions
  3. The 2017 Solar Builder Magazine Award for Innovative Solar Panel Technology
  4. The 2019 InterSolar Award for High-Performance Solar Panels

In 2018, SunPower was honoured with the Solar Power International Best Commercial Project award for its installation at the Toyota North American Headquarters. Additionally, they received the 2018 Greentech Media’s Grid Edge Award for Innovative Energy Management Solutions.

In 2019, SunPower’s innovative solar technology earned them the Edison Award, and they were recognised with the Solar Builder Award for their innovative solar carport design. They were also lauded in 2019 by Solar Power World for their Top Solar Storage Product.

Their excellence in the field continued in 2020 with Solar Power World’s acknowledgment of their Top Solar Products. In 2022, SunPower’s Sunvault battery storage system was awarded the Good Housekeeping’s Home Renovation Awards in the Biggest Energy Savings category.

Australian Sales Centre

Suite 207, 28 Riddell Parade

Elsternwick, Victoria 3185

Tel : +61 ( 1 ) 800 786 769

For the most up to date product offering, direct from Sunpower, please see the below product lines.

Sunpower Maxeon

Sunpower Performance

Sunpower AC Module


PRO – Tier 1 Company

PRO – Australian Office

PRO – Great efficiency rating and variety of solar modules, with great aesthetics  

PRO – They manufacture all components themselves.

PRO – Nearly 40 years in the solar industry


CON – Price, they are definitely not the cheapest around, but some view them as the best around!

CON – According to Sinovoltaics analysis of financials, Sunpower sits in 42nd place in the world. (source – Sinovoltaics report 2022)

Our Thoughts

You get what you pay for, A higher price than most other panels but outstanding quality, with a strong and long trading history, nearly 40 years in the industry.

The Australian office allows for warranty issues to be catered for, even if your installation company disappears.

They will be a good choice by anyone, massive warranties, that will last the test of time and produce power for years to come.

We would definitely put them on our own house or business if budgets allow.

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